Phoebe Ingrid is a line of sculptural jewellery, handcrafted in Victoria and Tasmania by multidisciplinary designer Phoebe Ingrid Wyatt. 

Mindfully hand collected materials such as abalone shell are intuitively sculpted through lapidary techniques and finished with recycled sterling silver. This collaborative process between hand and material is embodied in each unique piece; a process that allows the raw material to speak, to be shared and cherished through adornment.




Values of minimal waste, environmental engagement and circularity are integral to Phoebe Ingrid, with recycled sterling silver being used as much as possible and focus placed on working mindfully with locally available, minimal impact materials. 
Each piece is crafted with the utmost care so that they may be worn and cherished for a lifetime, however they may also be reworked, updated into new compositions; or even taken apart, with the silver to be melted down and the shells cast back into the sea, settling back into their origins.
All shells used in the current collection have been responsibly and meditatively collected by hand, or passed on from family and friends with recreational abalone fishing licenses. Live limpets are a protected species in Tasmania however the collection of empty shells washed ashore is permitted outside of reserves.